Tabacchiera peach

Flat peach (also known as doughnut peach or Saturn peach) is a variety of peach tree with crushed fruit.


This variety has large, spherical fruits, with a bright red skin and yellow, firm flesh. The peach is eaten like fresh fruit: thanks to the many varieties available on market.


The nectarine variety has medium sized fruits (130 g of average weight - size A) with a slightly elongated shape. The skin is yellow and red (90- 100% of the surface). The flesh has a good, yellow consistency. It is very juicy, with a semi-sweet taste and a high sugar content.

Lilly cot apricot

Lilly Cot is a new variety which is interesting for its earliness and good flavour. The plant has a semi-expanded posture and average vigour; the fructification is rapid; the flowering is high as well as productivity (Lilly Cot fructifies on all types of branches). Harvesting is usually done in two steps.

Wonder cot apricot

This variety is very interesting for its earliness, size, colour, and eating quality. The plant has good vigour, abundant flowering and bears fruit on all types of branches. The fruit remain on the tree for a long time.

Tsunami apricot

Very early-season variety. The tree has high vigour and erect growth habit. Tsunami is self-compatible and needs pollinators to grow.