Moro blood orange NL 58-8D-1

The “Moro” is the most colourful orange, with a deep red flesh and rind. It is the variety that traditionally feeds the export flow to European countries.

Tarocco Gallo NL C 898

This variety is the most highly valued orange, due to its colour and properties. It has a highly pigmented pulp; on the other hand, the skin does not reach high anthocyanin pigmentation.

Tarocco Ippolito M 507

The fruit has deep red flesh and rind. Its excellent flavour is due to a harmonic contrast between sugars and acids. The anthocyanin pigmentation of the flesh is very pronounced.

Tarocco Lempso NL C 5787

Tarocco Lempso’s flesh and skin have an intense anthocyanin pigmentation. During ripening process, the acidity content lowers slowly, and therefore in the medium-late growing areas the acidity is very high even if the fruit’s skin appears very pigmented.

Tarocco Meli NL C 8158

This variety is known for its late ripening and for the ability to remain on the tree for a long time. The skin anthocyanin pigmentation is rare and not widespread. The fruit remains firm and is suitable for cold storage.

Red Tarocco VCR

Red Tarocco blood orange is famous for its anthocyanin pigmentation that occurs after the fruit is completely ripe.

Tarocco S.Alfio M 509

This fruit can be considered a “late” blood orange. The pulp is a dense orange colour, it is lightly pigmented and very juicy.

Tarocco Sciara NL C 1882

Tarocco Sciara is the most popular variety thanks to the scent and sweetness of its flesh. It has a very deliquescent pulp and thin film segments. The anthocyanin pigmentation is not very pronounced.

Tarocco Scirè NL D 2062

The variety, found by the Scirè brothers and mistakenly known as Tarocco Gallo, is the variety that has spread most in recent years for the compactness and excellent persistence of the ripe fruit on the plant.

Tarocco Tapi

This variety ripens early and the fruit holds well on the tree, allowing the harvest to be protracted until mid-February. The seedless flesh is deep red and very juicy.

Tarocco TDV

This variety is known for its extremely early ripening period, its intense flesh anthocyanin pigmentation, the high fruit size and good organoleptic qualities.


Newhall oranges have a smaller navel and are of average juiciness. The pebbled rind is of medium thickness.

Washington Navel 3033

Known for its good organoleptic characteristics, Washington Navel orange is very appreciated in some southern markets of Italy (Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia, Sardinia), where there are still margins expansion.


In recent years, it has become very popular thanks to its fruit’s good taste. It has several seeds and is seedless if grown far from pollinators. In low rainfall winter years and in shallow soils, the fruit dries early. It is also susceptible to fruit splitting.